KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Good news from a Knoxville family we’ve recently covered who was in need of a new wheelchair-accessible van — the Smiths were able to find and buy a new van that can transport two wheelchairs.

Billy Smith, his wife and his daughter are grateful to the many people who helped assist them financially in being able to buy a slightly-used van. Billy accidentally wrecked the van he used for many years to transport his disabled wife and daughter to the doctor’s office, to church and to the grocery store.

For weeks they were home-bound, but not anymore. He shared with us the new secondhand van with its special wheelchair lift he purchased recently. The new van is going to make a world of difference for the family.

Billy says, “I believe this is gonna be good.” He’s grateful for those who offered assistance — the $14.5K from the insurance, along with donations helped them pay for the van.

The first family trip in the van will be to church, “I believe we are going to be satisfied with it,” Billy said.

Billy has had other chair lifts on previous vans he’s owned but said with his failing health, he needs the easy-to-use but more expensive Braun lift, which is what he had on his other van. To maneuver the Braun, Bill said all he has to do is push some buttons and it unfolds.