KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville senior is pleased with repairs made to her home after a government-approved contractor never properly fixed a leaky water heater. In May after the leak was brought to the contractor’s attention, repairmen tried to plug the leak, but it didn’t work.

Shirley had her water heater replaced through the TVA’s “Energy Right” program. For this program, their inspectors conduct an energy audit and provide recommendations to make your home more energy efficient. If you agree, you then choose a licensed and insured contractor.

Two months ago, Shirley contacted WATE’s Don Dare after the water heater installed by the energy right contractor would not stop leaking. Dare then called TVA and repairs were made.

Shirley said hidden mold and moisture under the floor throughout her home are gone now. New wooden flooring has been laid in Shirley’s kitchen. The old carpeting was removed in five rooms, including the expansive dining living room, the laundry area and the kitchen. Her old bedroom floor has also been replaced.

She took pictures of the black mold after the second group of repairmen removed old wet carpeting. A water heater installed in May was the source of the problem. The original installer never fixed it right. In late September, frustrated by little action, Shirley told us what originally went wrong.

“The pipes just came off of it and the water was just going everywhere,” Shirley said.

For four months, Shirley laid paper towels down to absorb the water that continued to leak. Last spring, she signed up for TVA’s EnergyRight Program. A TVA-approved contractor installed a new heat pump. Two new energy-efficient windows were put in and there was the energy-saving water heater that leaked from the day it was installed.

“When the guy started to leave I asked him, what about all of this water on the floor? I was sitting in there on the walker. He just looked at me and said, it will dry,” Shirley said.

The water leaking went from her bathroom, into her bedroom as well.

“The carpet was wet from about from my bed into the dining room a little way,” Shirley said.

She kept a calendar, and at the end of May, a repairman returned. He checked on the water heater, but never plugged the leak. Feeling sick, Shirley hired an environmental company in late August to check for mold in her house. The report showed elevated moisture was found in the bathroom, the master bedroom, the kitchen and the laundry room.

Shirley plans on staying in the home she and her late husband purchased 40 years ago. She says a new contractor sent by TVA took extra care to plug the leaky water heater.

“They really worked hard,” Shirley said. “I love my floors. I hate that it was so much trouble. But, I really do appreciate it.”

It’s like a new house now, she couldn’t be happier.

Shirley said she is grateful to TVA for making sure all of the wet and damaged floorings were removed and replaced. TVA originally told WATE, they would make sure Shirley’s home was safe and free of mold and moisture, and that she is pleased and happy with the work.