KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville man is asking why repairs and improvements to his apartment are taking so long. Darryl Thompson has lived in Summit Towers, an independent apartment building for low-income residents, for three years. Some fixes have been made, but many more remain.

Thompson showed WATE’s Don Dare around his small one-bedroom unit. The 60-year-old cancer survivor said his present health isn’t good and his monthly income is just over $800. He told Dare that he recently stopped paying his rent until conditions inside his place improve. There are little problems that need fixing and big things that need repairs. One big issue is the rather dirty and sticky carpet throughout his apartment.

“For three years after staying here at Summit Towers, I have been complaining about the carpet. The carpet, anytime it rains it smells,” said Thompson.

In his kitchen, there’s this sharp gouge in the flooring.

“Right here, it is supposed to be solid. That is a hazard because I’m a diabetic. Every time I hit that it messes up my toe,” said Thompson.

One hallway is stuck in the dark due to an issue with the switch.

“Well, the switch right here. It is upside down. See if you turn it this way. It does nothing. But when you turn it this way, It flickers. That means it is supposed to come on. But it is supposed to be this way, and the handle up, but it flickers when you turn it off” said Thompson.

In his bedroom, the closet door is missing. So, with no place to hang up his clothes, they’re left in bags.

“This used to be a closet, used to be a shelf and used to be a post. You can see the outline on it right here. Here is the shelf. The pole is supposed to be down here. It collapsed about six, eight months ago. I’ve been asking for the repairs. It is still not fixed,” said Thompson.

Recently, apartment management did repair his kitchen faucet, although it’s still loose. At Thompson’s request, the blinds were replaced as well. It was last week when a maintenance technician fixed the air conditioner. However, during Dare’s visit, the fans blew warm air around the apartment. Management told WATE, a repairman will recheck the air conditioner soon.

Thompson told WATE that he has asked for repairs but “it falls on deaf ears.”

However, Millennia Management told WATE that not everything has fallen on deaf ears. A spokesperson told WATE that carpet replacement was scheduled in April, but when the vendor arrived Thompson was not ready and denied entry to the installers. The faulty light switch was repaired last week. Millennia said Thompson indicated the light was okay. The closet door was scheduled to be replaced last week, but Millennia said Thompson had not cleared the area.

Thompson said that he doesn’t want to lose his place and said he’ll do his best to be ready for the repairmen. Millennia Management told WATE that Thompson will need to follow the steps and schedule that the local manager has laid out. The company also said he’ll need to catch up on his rent to remain in good standing. Thompson told us, he will do that.