KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville retiree regrets having a door-to-door salesman convince her to switch her home security service. She tried for months to contact the security company after her system quit working.

After reaching out to WATE’s Don Dare for help, it took just one call and within 10 minutes, three months of miscommunication was resolved.

Two trusted names in home security, Brinks and ADT battle it out for your business in the home security system wars. If you happen to have a sign of one of the two services in the yard at your house, you may get a knock on your door.

Betty Shipley is again using the original ADT security system that was set up years ago. She is pleased with the system. However, while she was having a storm door installed, a door-to-door salesman appeared on June 21.

“He had a security uniform on and he started talking about my ADT,” said Shipley. “He said yours is outdated and you need a new system.”

She said that the salesman went on to say that he represented Brinks Skyline Security. Nick Baker was the name the salesman left on the invoice. Brinks offered free incentives if she signed up and switched her present security system. Shipley said the repairmen came and installed the new Brinks system in less than five minutes.

Neither Brinks nor Betty informed ADT about their service being disconnected last June. Shipley said the monthly charge for Brinks/Skyline was a few dollars less than ADT.

“I don’t know I just agreed. It wasn’t in but just a few days and it stopped working,” said Shipley.

After it quit working, she called Brinks to come out and look at it, however, no one came out to check the system. She had the Brinks/Skyline system removed in early July since no one came to repair it. She informed Brinks, explaining what she had done. At the same time, she had ADT set up again.

However, since July she’s continued to receive bills from both ADT and Brinks.

“I just want the payments to stop and maybe I can recover some of it,” said Shipley.

WATE called the salesman who came to her house. Baker confirmed he did speak with Shipley at her home in June.

“I did say that we could update her system to a new digital panel,” said Baker.

“She tried to get back in touch with Brinks because the system quit working within a few days after it was installed,” said Don Dare.

“This is the first I have heard that the appointment did not show,” said Baker. “If the customer wishes to discontinue her services, I’m happy to assist in her process with that. My job is to help people.”

“Right now she continues to get a bill from Brinks even though it was removed several months ago,” said Dare.

“If the customer’s wishes are to no longer have our services, and if she has taken the equipment off, then there is no reason for us to hold her to this,” said Baker.

Baker went on to say that the charges would be dropped.

“There is no reason for her to be paying for two bills,” said Baker.

“Well, I hope you do what you say you are going to do,” said Shipley.

“I always have miss,” said Baker.

He repeated his apology to Shipley explaining that had he been informed her system wasn’t working back in June, he immediately would have taken care of the issue.

Regarding, unsolicited salespeople who come to your door, under Tennessee law, you have three days to change your mind if you buy the product or service.