KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville woman who waited half a year for her pool to be built is pulling the plug. She has decided to hire a second contractor after repeated attempts with her first pool builder failed to finish the job.

WATE spoke with the contractor in July and at that time he said, “We’re going to hit it full blast” promising to finish the pool quickly. However, that promise was broken and now the spirit of Mailmelt Morris is nearly broken.

She has given up hope that her pool contractor will finish the job. At the end of February, she hired Jimmy Sewell, Jr. with S & S Swimming Pools and Grade Work out of Tellico Plains.

“I said when are you coming to finish it? He said soon, the middle of July it would be done,” said Morris.

The total cost for the project was $45,000. She paid $24,000 in March and another $4,000 in June. Morris was hoping to be swimming in it by late May or early June.

“It is [frustrating] and painful to even think about it. But now it’s supposed to be done, that’s what he said, it’s supposed to be done,” said Morris.

In early July, concrete was poured to support the framing and plumbing was installed. Still unfinished are the electrical connections, the pool’s flooring, the deck, and filling it in.

“He said we’re going to have the water, everything running, the middle of July,” said Morris.

Yet, the only water in the pool is mud water. In addition, a big mound of dirt fills up her backyard. So when it rains, muddy water runs down her driveway along the side of her house. Her backyard is a mess with downed trees and big holes around the pool.

Throughout July, Mrs. Morris continued to call Sewell pleading to finish the job.

“You only have five more days He said, I’m coming. Well, I call him again, he said, I’m coming. He kept saying that. He never came,” said Morris.

Morris admits she made a mistake when she hired Sewell. He’s not a licensed contractor. To work in Knoxville, he’s supposed to be. WATE went to the Department of Commerce and Insurance website to check for a license, no record was found for either Jimmy Sewell Jr. or his business.

Another issue, there was no county permit pulled.

“He said he had a permit the very day when he said he would do the job. I asked him, ‘Do I need a permit or do you need a permit? ‘He said, ‘You don’t need a permit, I need a permit when I dig behind your house, I need a permit.’ I said ‘Do you have it’, he said, ‘yes’,” said Morris.

With nearly $30,000 invested, with no response from a recent demand letter sent to Jimmy Sewell, Jr., Morris wants the pool gone.

“I really don’t know what to do. I wish he would… just go and (cover it up) I don’t want it anymore. I’m really upset,” said Morris.

Recently, Morris made a tough decision. She’s firing Sewell, Jr. She’s contacted another pool contractor, a licensed one this time, to finish her pool.

Morris plans on getting that permit this week as soon as she finalizes details with her new contractor. Most contractors will show their state license. But if they don’t, go to this website (https://verify.Tn.Gov/) and check for yourself.