KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A handyman business has left yet another customer completely dissatisfied. Money was collected and some of the work was started, but it was never finished.

EPM Handyman Services is operated by two brothers. WATE 6 On Your Side has been following them for two years. The name of Jonathan and Warren Presley’s business has changed since then, but the people who have hired them tell the same stories and are not happy.

“They were supposed to paint the ceiling a pale blue and the trim while,” said Peggy Ogle.

Ogle hired contractors who never did the job they were hired to do. They didn’t paint the ceiling of her carport, nor did they paint the supports to the structure. They didn’t fix her front porch steps and didn’t repair and paint the front door, nor did they replace an old wooden door.

Ogle paid the handymen $3,000 on March 29.

“They tell me they’re going to be out Monday. Monday comes, they’re not here. You call them on Friday. ‘Oh, we’ll be there, I’ve been sick.’ They don’t show up,” she said.

Ogle discovered EPM Services on Angie’s List.Previous story: Handymen leave work unfinished on Tellico Village widow’s house

“I was on the computer looking for handyman services because I needed help around here. I wasn’t even finished looking through the ads when they called me on the phone,” she said.

The Presleys hired Mikael Moses to paint inside Ogle’s home.

“I painted this bathroom, that bedroom and the other bedroom,” said Moses.

Moses said she first scraped the rooms’ walls to remove old paint and fill in holes. The work she did for the EPM Handyman Services took several days and the job is very professional. However, Moses said the Presleys never paid her.

WATE 6 On Your Side tried to reach Jonathan Presley but never got a response. Attempts to reach his brother Warren also failed. When you look for the Presley brothers contractors license on the Department of Commerce and Insurance website, no file is found. They’re not licensed.

Olge is about to take legal action against the Presleys. She’s looking into filing felony charges with Knoxville’s district attorney, which she can do. The law says if work is unfinished after 90 days of signing a contract and a certified letter is sent to the contractor requesting completion but nothing is done, charges can be filed.

“Three thousand dollars is a lot of money to me. I’d hate to see another little old lady get taken,” said Ogle. “Don’t hire them. Please don’t. You are going to get taken.”Previous story: Kingston couple pays 75 percent up front for garage remodel in April; work still isn’t done

Earlier this year, Amey Elias hired EPM Services to do extensive handyman work inside her home in Tellico Village, but the laminate flooring they were paid to replace was never removed. Paint was slopped on the floor throughout her home but never cleaned up. In the garage, kitchen cabinet doors and shelves were stacked up by workmen to dry after being painted. However, once dried, the cabinet doors were never returned. Many that had been painted had unprofessional work.

Last November, Carolyn Whited explained that for years, she and her late husband had planned some renovations to their West Knoxville home. Work started a year ago, but then abruptly stopped not long after she had paid Jonathan and Warren Presley more than 90 percent of the bill upfront. The Presleys then operated a company called RFG Construction of Knoxville.

In October of 2015, Barbara Croft was frustrated about the 6 month delay in finishing the garage at their home in Kingston. Material like windows and doors were delivered but the job stalled and excuses piled up. The work was contracted then with RFG Flooring – different name, but Jonathan and Warren Presley were the operators of the business. The Crofts had paid the brothers more than 75 percent of the total bill up front.

Each time, the people who contracted with the Presleys were forced to hire a second contractor to finish the work. Some of the online sites that provide information about contractors have dropped EPM Handyman Services from their list of recommended contractors.