Knoxville woman sees through bogus Apple emails


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Phishing scams often come in waves.

Not too long ago, it was phony Google Docs and a convincing Netflix impersonator.

Now it’s bogus Apple emails. The aim is to convince you to cough up personal information. One local woman was able to see through the con.

In her spare time, Gene Reynolds likes to play fun games on her iPad. Gene is a former carnival worker. She says it’s kind of hard to pull the wool over her eyes.

But she was almost conned when she recently received a message — it’s turns out a phony one — from Apple.

“I got an email from what I thought was telling me there was a problem with my account. And they needed to check the billing or they were going to shut the account down. At first I thought it was legitimate because it said from Then as I started filling it out. Well they wanted me to send them personal information so they could update it. When they asked for my social security number and credit card, I figured if they had my account that stuff could have been on file already.”

Shortly after the suspicious email, she received an alert. She called the real Apple and they told her to report the phishing email online to them, so she did.

Scammers often try to trick you into sharing personal or financial information by sending you either a message or a link to websites that might look they’re from Apple, but their actual purpose is to steal your account information.

Some phishing emails will ask you to click on a link to update your account information. Never enter your account information on websites linked from these message, and never download or open attachments included within them.

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