KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville woman hired a repairman to fix her refrigerator eight months ago, but the repair never worked. So, the technician promised to return her money because there had been a warranty on the part. However, she’s never received a dime.

If you have ever had an appliance repaired, the invoice usually includes the name and serial number of the part. None of that information is found on the receipt left behind for Patsy, an 84-year-old widow who has waited 8 months to get her refund. WATE’s Don Dare discovered the repairman is well known by the Better Business Bureau and there are a number of complaints against his business.

Patsy bought a new Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator in May after an appliance repairman failed to fix her Kenmore in January. The repair receipt left by Knox County Appliance on January 18 did not have the part number for the replacement defroster unit. The $600 part had a 1-year warranty.

“It never worked from the day he put it in. He put it in. One hour later everything in my refrigerator, not my freezer, has frozen solid, all my vegetables,” said Patsy.

The repairman did return after installing the part, but other efforts to fix it failed.

“And he acts like he’s putting a part in at the front and top of the refrigerator. I put a cup of water in there. Within an hour of when he left, that cup of water was frozen solid,” said Patsy about the second time the repair man came back.

“{The third visit] he goes to the side of the refrigerator, next to the freezer side. I didn’t realize there was a panel there. He takes a piece of wiring out about that long. He said this will make it work. I put a cup of water in there. Within an hour it was frozen solid,” said Patsy.

WATE found a video of Phil Amos, the repairman Patsy hired, on the blog that he posts. Tony Binkley at the Better Business Bureau found the video after numerous complaints were made about Amos. Patsy confirmed that the man seen in the video was the repairman she hired. His businesses go by several names.

“We have seen at least two or three different names. One is Appliance Repair Service. We have seen Knox County Appliances, Knox County Repair. They are all similar invoices,” said Binkley.

For two months a series of messages were left with Phil Amos of Knox County Appliance. Patsy’s daughter-in-law was able to get in touch with him and start sending him text messages. In one message, Amos writes help is on the way, “The tech is coming on Thursday morning at 9 and 12 But refunds don’t get mailed out until May 10.”

“He’s saying to my daughter-in-law that he is going to make this right. That he’s going to give me a refund,” said Pasty.

“She will get the refund, no matter what. I will make sure of that. Even if I take it to her in person,” reads another message.

Patsy said that he had never given her any money back or even called her back. WATE made a call to Patsy’s repairman. Amos told us Patsy was sent a check, but it was returned to his business several months ago.

“We did mail out a check but it kept coming back to us,” said Amos.

“I never got the check. If you knew the zip code when you came out, how come you didn’t know the zip code when you sent the check out?” Patsy replied.

“I don’t know ma’am. I’m sorry about that,” said Amos.

Amos said he would send the check again, and this time Patsy got it. The amount of the check was $711.83.

“That’s the total amount that I paid him. Well I’m thankful that I got the check back,” said Patsy.

While Patsy is pleased to have her money, she wonders about the records that Amos keeps. When we first talked with her last week, she gave Amos her address, including her zip code, and the spelling of her name. However, three days later, she said he called her back asking for the same information again. Fortunately, he got it right that time and tonight Patsy has her money.