KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Two women who were being evicted from their mobile home park can breathe easier thanks to help from the community and an emergency grant. A week ago, Phyllis Nuchols and Tammy Hunley had all but given up hope after they were given one month to move their mobile home or appear in court.

On March 25, Tammy and her mother, both are widows and in poor health, said they were about three weeks away from being evicted and would have to move their mobile home because they were 10 days late in paying their lot rent. The eviction notice received March 15, gave them 30 days to move or Amherst Ridge would take them to court.

“This is ridiculous, it’s a few days, not months,” Tammy said.

Due to a car accident in January, Tammy and her mother had no money in their bank account, and medical bills had mounted. They applied for emergency assistance but were initially told the grant may not come through until late April. The grant from the Knox Housing Assistance ended up coming earlier than expected.

“It’s just an answer to our prayers,” Phyllis said.

“Those people are wonderful to help us. They help many people here in Knoxville,” Tammy said.

After contacting Amherst Ridge’s corporate owner, YES Communities wrote, “We recognize the unfortunate circumstances befallen them, and we are working with them to reach a repayment plan. “

Within minutes of the story airing on WATE, several people were reaching out looking to help the mother and daughter. Don Dare was able to give the women several donations from viewers who wanted to help. The first gift, from viewers who wanted to remain anonymous, was more than $700 and a note of encouragement.

‘I just want you both to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please use the money for whatever you need, in Christ,’ the note read.

That wasn’t all, another viewer, Frank, sent more than $500 in cash.

“That will help us get back on our feet,” Phyllis said. “That’s all we want to do is get back on our feet, so we can pay our bills.”

There were also thee $100 bills donated to Phyllis and Tammy. Then another card with a note in it, reading, ‘May the Lord Bless and keep you forever John and Julia.’ Along with this card was $1,000. Both were astonished by the gift.

Knox Housing Assistance says any private donations to families for other expenses are OK as long as the money is not used for rent or utilities.

With hope lost a week ago for Tammy and Phyllis, it’s now been restored.

“We had worried and prayed, worried and prayed, not knowing what was going to happen,” Tammy said.

“I have prayed so hard and so long for help that I never expected anything like this,” Phyllis said.

The outpouring of love sent to Phyllis and Tammy was deeply felt. Over the weekend, there were even more donations given to them.

Their rent and utilities for the next three months will be paid by Knox Housing Assistance, a joint city of Knoxville and Knox County program. To receive payment through the emergency rental assistance program, a landlord must agree, and Amherst Ridge did. Similar programs are also provided in every county of East Tennessee through the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.