KPD investigates paving rip-off by father-and-son team


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Knoxville police are looking for two paving contractors alleged to have “ripped off” customers in the area.

KPD detectives say the contractors area a father and son team, who are said to use a familiar opening line.

“We have some asphalt left over and can pave your driveway cheaply.”

Police say that’s the “typical line” used by some unlicensed paving contractors when they come knocking on your door.

The lure to reel customers in is simple – they say they can do the job immediately and save them money.

However, the original price they quote will not be the same as the inflated final bill.

Debbie Goosie regrets the day paving contractors knocked on her front door last spring. Police Detective Richard Giammarino says Debbie and her husband were ripped off.

The couple’s driveway was never finished.

The Goosies hired Foothills Asphalt and Paving, located on Rutledge Pike in Knoxville.

Saul Stanley, Sr. and Saul Stanley, Jr. did the work.

“They are operating without a license, a professional license, as contractors in the state of Tennessee. Warrants have been issued for their arrests. You can see the defects as what they dropped as asphalt. The area beside the home where the rainwater is trapped and thereby seeping into the crawl space,” said Det. Giammarino.

They approached the Goosies back in April, having canvassed their neighborhood and knocking on their door, offering to pave with leftover asphalt for cheap.

“We agreed he would come in and pave from back there down through here. He said he had enough that he could take it all the way to the road,” said Debbie Goosie.

However, there was not enough asphalt to complete the work. The Stanleys never returned and didn’t answer a Certified Letter sent to them.

Det. Giammarino says he sees several problems with the contract on-hand: It doesn’t say how much per square foot, how much they’re going to charge, and it doesn’t include the driveway dimensions, thickness of the asphalt or a guarantee – all requirements, according to industry standards.

The Goosies say they never saw the Sauls take any measurements.

There’s been a history in Knox County and in Anderson County of the Sauls performing substandard work as unlicensed contractors, according to Det. Giammarino.

Hubert Goins knows about the Stanleys. He paid them $42,000 last fall, but they failed to finish paving his driveway in Anderson County. At the time, the business was called VOLUNTEER Asphalt and Paving with the same address on Rutledge Pike as the company’s new name.

Goins tells us his driveway was finally paved four month ago by the Stanleys.

Det. Giammarino, along with the Goosies, advises against hiring the men and if you see them, to call police immediately.

Presently, KPD believes Saul Stanley Sr. and Saul Stanley Jr. are continuing to work in East Tennessee.

“These people need to pay for what they’ve done to other people,” said Debbie Goosie.

“I would encourage people to call police if they show up at your door. If they do work, and you are not satisfied, do not pay them. You call the police,” said Giammarino.

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