KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A disabled Knoxville grandmother wonders why it’s taken so long to get her phone service operating. She bundles her services and pays more than $250 a month, but neither cell phone nor landline phone worked until a few days ago.

Debbie Fuller was unable to contact her doctors, and their offices had a tough time getting in touch with her. For months Fuller said her tablet was the only means of voice communication. She can send email messages through her computer, but what she wanted was phone service.

Fuller has a thick file of phone statements and notes she’s taken over the last three to four months from her phone provider. The 65-year-old lives alone on a fixed income, is disabled and does not own a car. She depends on oxygen to help with her breathing.

To save money, she bundles her computer and internet service, as well as her tablet, cellphone and a hardline phone with AT&T.

“I added a landline on a hard line like it was when I grew up. That was because of my disability, my health. If the power goes out those types of phones still work. In my condition, I need that right,” Fuller said. “None of them work except for the tablet and the computer.”

However, for some reason, she receives two statements every month.

“Yes, very big bills altogether, way over $200, almost three,” Fuller said.

Fuller added that the cellphone she received from AT&T says it’s disabled; despite online help from customer service, the phone remains disabled. Fuller says her landline never worked.

“Well, when I pick up the receiver. It’s as if I picked it up off the shelf at the department store where I bought it from – nothing. There is nothing there. When people call me on it, it gives them a busy signal,” Fuller said.

When dialing Fuller’s number, it’s directed to her tablet.

“It’s the only means of communication that I have. There is also a phone on it,” she said.

Fullers says she’s asked customer service to check the outside wiring.

“One of the supervisors told me that they were going to send out someone within the next day or so that was going to make everything work right before they left here,” Fuller said. “I’ve not seen anyone. No one has come knocking on my door to do that.”

WATE contacted AT&T five days ago, and within hours a technician visited Debbie’s home and got her phone working.

“It was very quick. We made some headway on getting things taken care of. The first thing was my landline. It works fine now,” Fuller said.

AT&T also said they’re going to make sure Fuller gets a new iPhone.

“There’s been so much trouble with this, that they’ve decided what they can do is just replace it. So that’s what they’re going to do with the iPhone and I’m very appreciative of that,” Fuller said.

Fuller said AT&T is going to give her a credit for $300 and possibly more since neither phone ever worked.

She added AT&T is going to figure out a way to help lower her monthly payments and for that she is grateful.