LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A group of RV owners in Louisville worried about having to move. Presently they live in a mobile home park, but Louisville’s Codes Department says RVs and campers violate a town ordinance.

WATE’s Don Dare spoke with the residents at Country Acres Mobile Home Park in June. Those we talked with said they moved here because it’s safe, quiet, and out of the way. Now, RV owners say inaction by the town has left them in limbo.

At a town meeting in mid-June, RV and camper owners who rent space at Country Acres Estates were told the town is not trying to evict them. But apparently, town leaders did not address the central issue.

The park owner has been told he can’t RVs and campers at his mobile home park. A letter sent to the property said campers and RVs violate the town ordinance. The park was approved for mobile homes, it says. However, RVs and campers are not allowed.

“All of our campers are kind of living in limbo here. We have lost a few that went ahead and moved because they were afraid of being evicted overnight,” said Lu Ann Hackney, Property Manager.

Hackney is the property manager at Country Acres. She lives there too. She was one of a dozen residents who attended a meeting at a town hall in late June. They were told the town is not evicting them, its the code violations the town is concerned about according to the minutes of the meeting.

“There are still some here and they don’t know where to go at this present time,” said Ken Mack, the owner of Country Acre Estates.

He said several RV owners have moved because of the uncertainty surrounding the town’s position.

“It’s sort of really difficult for me to try to tell them where to go when they don’t know what to do,” said Mack. “The only two letters I got, one of them was November 15, I think, and December the 16th or 12th.”

Duy Nguyen has lived in his RV for over a year. Will he have to move it? He’d like to keep his home here but is unsure about the town’s position.

“I’m still anxious, anxiety is kicking in. It’s like, ‘what am I going to do next?’ I’m still thinking,” he said.

Three RV owners have left Country Acres since June. Management doesn’t know if the empty lots can be filled with other RVs or campers.

“We don’t know if we can rent our spots or can’t rent our spots. We just want answers to our questions.,” Hackney said. “Our renters need to know, they need to know ahead of time.”

Nguyen said being able to stay will mean “more time, more time to rebuild, more time to save.”

The town of Louisville says it is working with the owner of Country Acres, Mack to bring his mobile home park into compliance with town codes. For RV owners left behind, their homes are safe, they think, for a while longer.

What upsets Mack is that another mobile home park in Louisville that has RVs and campers on its property has been given several years to remove those homes.

According to records, Louisville’s codes department has given that park owner up to five years to eliminate RV and camper lots on his property. Mack said he’d like to have the same consideration for his RV and camper owners because he says having to move is expensive and inconvenient for them.