LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several people who live at a mobile home park in Louisville are looking for a new place to live and they’re not happy about it. The town has told them they have to move their RVs and campers by the end of June and that their homes violate a town ordinance.

WATE’s Don Dare visited Country Acres Estates where he talked with the park owner and RV owners about the situation. Several of those he spoke with are disabled and living on the edge.

Country Acres Estates was opened in 1987. The out-of-the-way park was approved for 45 mobile home pads. However, the town of Louisville said the RVs and campers on the property have to leave.

Pam Brazzel and Duy Nguyen are neighbors. Nguyen looks out for her after Brazzel was injured a few months ago. She’s lived in her RV for more than a year, and so has he. They moved to the County Acres Estates in Louisville because it’s peaceful, safe, and out of the way. However, they are now just two of about a dozen people who will have to move their homes by the end of June.

“I was informed in October of 2022, by the City of Louisville, that I was not in compliance with the campers. Yet I’ve had campers in here since 1990. Not one word was spoken about not being in compliance,” said Ken Mack, who owns Country Acres Estates.

He showed WATE a letter that says the campers and RVs are in violation of a Town of Louisville ordinance. The park was approved for mobile homes, it said, but RVs and campers aren’t allowed.

“If I can’t have any campers in my area, in the town of Louisville. Then everybody else that has campers in the town of Louisville, they better write them a letter and get everybody in compliance,” said Mack.

Mack explained that altogether there are 11 RVs that will have to move by the end of June.

“There is nowhere to move. So people like us don’t have anywhere to go. What are we supposed to do?” said Sally Hulett, RV owner.

“It would just be hard. You can’t get up and just move. You got to pay first month’s rent, last month’s rent. You have to find someone to move it. It costs too much,” said Pam Brazzel, RV owner.

A few of those who will have to move are disabled, others said they live paycheck to paycheck.

“We’re not visible from the road. We are not bothering anyone. We don’t have a lot of problems in here. I don’t understand if they’re going to pick on this area. why are they not making all the campers leave,” said Heather Gintz.

“Nobody is accepting RVs right now. No one in this area, except for one or two weeks. I can’t plan to move and find a nearby location for doctors and schools,” said Nguyen.

Originally, the Town of Lousiville wanted the RVs and campers gone by the end of January, but the people who live in them were granted an extra six months.

“There are two other parks within two miles of us that allow campers. They are not harassing them to go. It’s $500 just to get someone to move you,” said Gintz.

WATE contacted the Town of Louisville. The mayor said: “The Board of Mayor and Aldermen represents all citizens of Louisville. We are glad to speak with residents of our town about any situation of their concern.”

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Hulett, Brazzel, Gintz, Nguyen, and others said they want to speak with the alderman and the board of mayors to ask why they have to move their RVs when others don’t. Right now they don’t understand, and no one has explained it to them. If there were issues with their park or their homes, perhaps they could see the reasoning, they told WATE. Especially since some of their units have been at Country Acre Estates for years and there’s been no explanation why they have to move them.