Maryville veteran finally gets a sigh of relief after waiting on stimulus checks


MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Maryville man is finally able to relax after his long-awaited stimulus checks arrived, all two of them. While the IRS has sent more than 170 million payments since the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act, there are millions of others still waiting for their checks.

The IRS reports payments to eligible recipients will be distributed in big batches. Some of the payments are sent by direct deposit and others by mail. If you have not yet received your payment, it may arrive in a future payment round. For a Navy veteran in Maryville, he got his first surprise in the mail, 10 days ago.

Greg Klee is retired and considers himself fairly patient. However, these last six months have tested that patience. When he filed his income tax return in early February his refund came by the end of the month, but the stimulus money was not included.

“So, now I’m basically assuming the stimulus payments would show up because my accountant told me it was based on my Social Security number and my tax filing,” Klee said.

For months, he waited and wondered when his postal carrier might deliver that long-awaited stimulus check.

“So, when it didn’t show up I went looking and spent a number of hours making phone calls,” Klee said. “And actually went to the IRS office that is listed in the directory. Closed, it’s been closed, I was told by somebody in the building, closed for a year. So, I went back to the phone and tried that again. The first thing the agent tells us is do not give your Social Security number or this information.”

The IRS says of the 171 million payments issued to eligible recipients, additional payments are being distributed in batches, with some sent via direct deposit and others by mail. The IRS says if you have not yet received your payment, it may arrive in a future payment round as it did for Greg.

“In April, I went back to the tax accountant, she assured me there was nothing more she could do for me at that point,” he said. “She had done everything to the letter. I just had to be patient.”

His patience paid off, and he finally received his check in late August.

However, he didn’t expect his final stimulus payment to arrive just days later on Sept. 2.

“(I) get up Thursday morning, my wife tells me to open up your email. I sit down, open up the email, and here is a deposit in our checking account for the third stimulus payment in the amount of $4,200.” Klee said. “Finally, it came. So, for me and my family, we’re in a better position today because I know I can pay a bill. I know that I can buy dinner. But there are others who wonder where their dinner is going to come from tonight.”

So, if you’re still waiting on your stimulus check, it might finally be on the way as the Treasury Department, the IRS, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service announced just recently that more than 2.2 million checks have been disbursed.

Since March 12, when the first checks went out, the government has sent over $400 billion in stimulus payments. Now, if you used a tax preparation service to file your most recent tax return, they will not get your stimulus check, it will be sent to you. If you haven’t got it yet, be patient.

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