One Maynardville couple returned a newer Kirby vacuum, preferring their old one. The one they got back wasn’t their original machine – and they knew this because of the contents within it. 

Kirby vacuum systems are sold exclusively by independent distributors.    

Kirby does not sell directly to the public but continues a long tradition of selling its cleaning systems by going door-to-door. If a customer buys a new Kirby, they will take their old vacuum as a trade-in. Per policy, if the customer changes their mind and calls Kirby within three days, they get their old cleaner back. But, at first, that didn’t happen for Ron Muse and his family. 

Ron Muse helps out in the home by vacuuming. For seven years, Ron and his wife have used a Kirby cleaner purchased by a door-to-door salesperson. 

Back in 2011, they bought a Sentria-model Kirby. Ron kept the original receipt and owner’s manual for the Sentria. Then in August of this year, Ron bought a Kirby Avalir 2 vacuum cleaner from a new sales team.  

“They said the new vacuum cleaner was easier to push and had a lot more sucking power to it than the old one,” Ron said. 

According to the contract for the Avalir, it cost  $2,495. One thousand dollars was the trade-in on Ron’s old one.The total price was $1,600.

“We didn’t like it. they told us to fill out a paper.,” Ron explained. 

So they cancelled that transaction from the above date, per the contract. They were supposed to get their old Kirby back.

“Well, they didn’t bring our machine back. They brought a different one,” he said. 

They knew it wasn’t their original machine because the machine brought to them was full of pet hair and dander.  They don’t have pets in their home.

“The one we had wasn’t used,” Ron said. “And there are cat or dog hairs all in it. We never did use this one.”

Ron and his wife also checked the bag. It, too, was filled with pet hair. He said the real proof came by comparing the serial numbers.

The numbers – from the original vacuum manual and the one sent to them – did not match. 

Ron had purchased the vacuum from Ultimate Technologies, an independent distributor, which has moved from North Knoxville to a new location in South Knoxville.

“Well I have called several times. All they can say is we are looking for it,” Ron said. “They’re still looking for ours.”

They want their old vacuum back because it was in good shape. And didn’t contain pet fur.

Soon after WATE-TV 6 On Your Side contacted Ultimate Technologies, Ron and his wife were sent their original vacuum, the numbers matched and their Sentria was refurbished.

The couple was also given a carpet cleaning system, as well an apology about the mix-up. The lesson for Ron and his wife is, to always keep their paperwork. Without it, they would not have been able to prove the mistake and get their good old vacuum back, eventually.