On Your Side: Still waiting on a stimulus check?


(WATE) — It’s been less than a month since Congress instructed the IRS to send a second economic impact payment for $600 to every citizen within a certain income bracket.

While some people have already had their checks direct deposited, many others have not received it yet. One of those is Naydean Blanding.

The first check for $1,200 sent last year to Blanding was received with no trouble, she said. But money from this second stimulus was sent to her old debit card rather than her new one.

Like many senior citizens who live on a fixed income, Blanding was counting on the latest federal stimulus check.

“My stimulus check was processed on the 4th of January, but I didn’t receive it. I thought okay, it’s a little late. I’ll just be patient and wait for it.”

Naydean Blanding

She then checked the IRS website and found that it was processed, but they had put it with an account number with a debit card she no longer uses.

The old debit card was cut up after someone had hacked into her account.

“Since it was compromised. I had been sent a new card. It is my understanding that when a card is compromised then that card is deleted from the business where I received it from.”

Naydean Blanding

The account numbers on her old card are not the same as those on the replacement card. She then returned to the IRS website to a section called Get My Payment, Frequently Asked Questions.

Eventually she was tired of attempting to navigate through the website, and was able to talk with an IRS agent.

“There is no way I can help you, the agent said. She said I’ll switch you to someone who can help you. So they switched me to another number, I waited. Then, the automated service came on and told me, I’m sorry there is no way we can help you right now. Please call back another day.”

Naydean Blanding

WATE 6 On Your Side contacted the IRS, a spokesperson couldn’t speak specifically about Blanding’s case, but we were told qualified taxpayers who did not receive their payment are eligible for what’s called a Recovery Rebate Credit.

It is a tax credit against your 2020 income tax. For someone like Blanding, the Recovery Rebate Credit will increase the amount of her tax refund. First, however, she must file with the IRS to claim the rebate credit.

With some help from her daughter, Blanding told WATE that she has found a form where she can file for her rebate.

There is assistance available for those with low and moderate incomes through the IRS Volunteer Tax Assistance Program called VITA.

Again, if you did not get all of your stimulus payment, you can claim the Recovery Rebate Credit when you file your 2020 tax return.

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