HARRIMAN, Tenn. (WATE) — An 89-year-old Roane County woman has a new roof. It is the second one since January.

She paid $11,000 for the first new roof but said it was not what she wanted. It was half rubber and half shingle but quickly started to leak. Rubber roofing is usually laid on flat commercial roofs, it does not look good on a regular home, especially if it is wrinkled. Asphalt shingles are the most common residential roofing material.

Last month, Wilma Wright insisted that the rubber roof on her home, where she has lived for more than 70 years, be removed.

It was.

New asphalt shingles now cover the roof of her home in Harriman. Shingles were installed in front of the house from just under the dormer and in the back from the chimney and halfway up.

A month ago, wrinkled rubber roofing covered the rear, side and front of the house, it had not been glued down. Mark Wright said in February, the roofer his great aunt hired, installed half asphalt and half rubber roofing in early January.

When WATE’s Don Dare visited the house earlier this year, he found no flashing around the chimney and no boot was installed around the bathroom vent. Just below, the ceiling in the bathroom was leaking.

“He told me all about rubber roofing, it would never leak, it would last a lifetime,” said Wilma.

She hired Woods Roofing and contractor Patrick Woods of Harriman. In January, Wilma paid $11,100 for the half rubber and half shingle roof.

“I think it stinks. It looks awful, have you seen it?” said Wilma.

Woods told WATE last month, “There are wrinkles and creases in the rubber roofing. The temperature was 38 degrees when I put it on.”

Regarding the leak in the bathroom, he said, “No, I don’t put boots on vents. I don’t use boots on roofs. My work comes with a seven-year warranty, and I will come back and fix things… and will put shingles if that’s what she wants.”

“Mr. Woods didn’t show up to start with. He sent one of his workers and two other guys,” said David Wright.

Wilma’s nephew David watched the crew from Woods Roofing work all day and into the night last week.

“I’d say they come around 9 or 9:30 in the morning, they worked until almost 9 o’clock that night. They actually had big lights on the roof working on the porch back there. No, the rubber is still on there. They put the felt down, stapled it down, then they shingled over top of the felt,” said David.

To prevent potential leaks, there is now flashing around the chimney. In addition, a new big boot surrounds the vent. Below it, David felt the ceiling where the leak had been last month.

“It’s just a little damp but it is not saturated like it was before. It feels like it could be drying. I don’t see any water dripping down,” said David.

Woods presented Wilma with a warranty and guarantee on his work. At 89, Wilma said she likely will never need another roof on her house.

“He got his money,” said Wilma. “Only money he’ll ever get out of me.”

“I’ll tell you like I told Mr. Woods. I said, ‘Patrick, I’m proud that you came back and did the right thing.’ He said, ‘Well that’s what we always do.’ I wouldn’t be here talking to you today if he had come back and done what he was paid to do to start with,” said David.

Woods told WATE he has lots of happy customers who are pleased with his work.

He claims he “did nothing wrong, at Miss Wright’s house,” “did what she wanted him to do” and “he did not try to rip her off.”

Wilma is a former Oak Ridge worker and former softball coach in the Harriman community. While she was never married, she is surrounded by her extended family. However, she told WATE they were not present when negotiations were made with the roofing company.