Setup still not finished on Oneida woman’s mobile home


A widow fears the setup of her mobile home in Oneida will never be finished. Work on the home’s foundation started last July but has never been completed and promises have been broken.

The mobile home industry is big business in East Tennessee. Usually the setup of a home goes without a hitch. It includes such things as connecting the power and water, leveling and anchoring, installing foundation work and underpinning.

The proper setup is vital to alleviate the possibility of warping and bowing. The man who sold Cissie Anderson her home said in December not to worry and that repairmen would be out to fix the job that was messed up last summer.

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There’s still a big gaping hole in the foundation to Anderson’s new double-wide. In her front yard, it’s looked like a construction zone since last year.

“It’s been over a year since I bought the trailer and it’s still not finished,” said Anderson.

Anderson bought the home from First Select Mobile Sales in Huntsville. She paid $51,000 for the home and then paid another $6,000 for landscaping and a block foundation around the home. Anderson said workmen started the job, then stopped and haven’t returned.

“My underpinning ain’t done. You see the walls all messed up. The bricks all over the ground. He just left a mess, a big mess,” she said.

Keith Clotfelter, owner of First Select, is the man who sold the home to Anderson. He said in December the work would be done shortly, but as Anderson pointed out, the work hasn’t been done.

WATE 6 On Your Side talked with Clotfelter in December. He apologized for the delay and assured Anderson that repairs will be made and her warranty will be extended.

“When we get her satisfied and signed off, she will have a one year warranty from that point forward,” Clotfelter said.

Since December, Anderson said Clotfelter did come to her house  He made sure repairmen from the manufacturer fixed some doorways and a problem with the ceiling was straightened out.

“I called him a couple of months ago, asked, ‘Where is the brick man at?’ He said, ‘They ain’t got it done yet?’ I said no,” Anderson said.

WATE 6 On Your Side went to the First Select sales office in Huntsville. They don’t return Anderson’s calls. The main office for First Select in Powell is no longer in business and the property is for lease.

Keith Clotfelter said on the phone he will finish Anderson’s home as soon as it warms up.

“I just want my house the way he promised it. I want it nice. I got a nice home. I want it to look nice,” Anderson said.

She’s not the only one who’s had issues with First Select. Last October, Mary and Tim Skipper said it took months before their home in Maryville purchased from Keith Clotfelter and First Select was finally set up properly.

There has been some progress with Anderson’s home over the last few days. Manufacturer representatives came on Tuesday and again on Wednesday to check on and make repairs to some problems inside the home. 

Anderson says she’s also been back in touch with Clotfelter and he said he’s still working on getting someone to finish the underpinning and foundation.

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