SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WATE) — A roofing contractor has honored his promise to return money to a customer in Seymour who waited eight months for a new roof.

Michael Pinner told WATE he tried numerous times since December to get roofers Tyler Doney and Roger Blankenship to honor their contract to put a roof on Pinner’s house. He will be able to get it done by using a different contractor.

In December, Pinner hired JWB Roofing from Jacksboro to replace his leaking roof. A check for nearly $6,900 dollars was paid. As he told WATE last week, the job was never done.

Michael said he contacted one of the contractors, Doney, several times.

“Another time I called him, he was going out of town, he had a death in the family and that he’d have his brother and a crew come out here. Two weeks went by still nobody showed up,” Pinner said.

The start date was Dec. 12. Five days later, a new roof was supposed to be on the mobile home.

According to Pinner, he filed a fraud charge and contacted the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office.

WATE talked with Doney the week before last. He said he assured the Sevier County detective and Michael he would return the money.

“I’m saving, I’m trying, I’m doing everything I can do. I just don’t have it. I didn’t know the circumstances when I got the check. Mike and I apologize to you for that. I’m just telling you, if you can bear with me until the end of September, let me get some finances in order, I’ll take care of it,” Doney said told WATE.

Pinner said Doney did return with the money, and it came a lot sooner than he originally acquired.

Doney gave Pinner a cashiers check for $8,000, returning the nearly $6,900 that Pinner paid with an additional $1,100 to cover any extra charges. With the $8,000 from Doney, Pinner’s hiring a new contractor.

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“I’m planning on getting the roof fixed. Then I’m hoping to get the money up to do the inside. As long as I get a roof on, I don’t have to worry about no more water leaks coming in,” he said.

Pinner said Doney’s former partner, Roger Blankenship called him. Blankenship offered to do the job to finish the roof himself but Pinner said, “No thank you.”

Pinner already hired another contractor, preliminary work has started and a new roof should be on his home soon.