LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WATE) — A Lenoir City woman received a red light violation that left her with a lot of questions. Especially when she received a second notice, without the first notice, that increased from $50 to $150.

From her home in Lenoir City, Robin Davidson drives to Farragut five days a week where she’s been working for several years.

On her way there are photo enforcement signs warning drivers that at the intersection ahead is a red light camera ready to snap your picture if you run the light. About 10 days ago, she received a letter that she owes $150 to the Farragut Traffic Enforcement program.

“I got a notice that I had a red light violation and since I didn’t pay the first one, it has went up to $150,” Davidson said

The original violation was dated on March 28 and the second notice was received July 2. However, Davidson said she was never sent the first notice and there is no documentation in the July letter of where the violation happened.

The notice said there is no grace period, and she must pay the $150 or be turned over to collections.

“Yeah, I haven’t received anything prior to this. That’s what kind of set me back a lot. What is this?” she added.

She had a lot of questions because there are few details in the notice about the violation.

“When you receive one of these, it should have your picture, the vehicle you were driving, your license plate plus the time and the date,” Davidson said. “Mine only has the date. There’s nothing on here that says I actually did this. It has my name and address. It doesn’t have a picture of my vehicle or of me.”

Davidson said years ago she was fine once before for running the red light that notice provided proof.

“It had my picture, the vehicle, obviously, and my license plate number, time and date,” she said.

Davidson had no problem with paying the fine if the picture showed her beating the light. Last March, she would have been driving either her 1989 pickup truck or her 1997 Jeep Wrangler soft top.

After searching on notice.com, she wasn’t able to go past the question of the site asking for the license plate number.

“I don’t know what I was driving at the time and it doesn’t state on my citation, that I’ve received, what I was driving. It could have been any vehicle,” Davidson said.

Davidson called the Farragut Traffic Enforcement program, and they told her that there was a glitch in the system, which was why there wasn’t an initial notice sent in April.

She was also told that her slate was wiped clean and she doesn’t owe anything.

According to a spokesperson in the town of Farragut, other drivers have the same issue. The cameras had a printing error last March and people have called about receiving a second notice of the enforcement violation but not the first one.

For anyone who received a second or third notice about a red light violation in Farragut, contact 865-218-3367.