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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Summer is all about spending time in the water. But, if your kids are in the water a lot they may suffer with a common infection known as swimmer’s ear.

Thankfully, there are some tips to ease the pain.

Dr. Shannon Cohen from East Tennessee Children’s Hospital stopped by the WATE 6 On Your Side studios to share more about swimmer’s ear.

According to Cohen, while kids that spend a lot of time in the water are more likely to get swimmer’s ear, anything that causes a break in the skin of the ear canal can allow bacteria to penetrate, and lead to an infection.

Signs and symptoms of swimmer’s ear include:

  • Ear pain, which can get worse when outer part of ear is pulled or pressed on; or when chewing.
  • Redness or swelling of the ear
  • Discharge from the ear canal; this can be clear at first,then turns cloudy, yellow and pus-like.

Preventing swimmer’s ear can be done with these easy tips:

  • Ear drops after swimming
  • Dry ears completely after swimming
  • Turn head side-to-side to allow water to drain from ears
  • Never allow kids to clean ears themselves
  • Never put objects into child’s ears, including cotton-tipped applicators

If infection does set in, take your child to the doctor. If the ear infection is left untreated, the ear pain will get worse and the infection may spread.

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