KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Find out why falling in love with reading will be the best decision you have ever made.

The Knox County Public Library has over 15 locations with so many resources to choose from.

With February being National Library Lover’s Month, Mary Pom Claiborne is excited to share all the ways you can spend your time visiting your nearest public library.

Here are the Top 10 reasons:

  1. Music, and Movies

The Knox County Public Library caters to more than just your average reading books. They offer a wide variety of movies and music ready to be checked out. “If you are looking to cut costs from your cable bill or streaming services, this is a great way to get at-home entertainment you are looking for,” says Claiborne.

2. Genealogy and Family History

With the libraries abundance of resources, you can look up your family tree, ancestry, and heritage with just a click of a button. “We have people that can find their great-grandmother’s wedding announcement,” adds Claiborne.

3. Save Money

The library is free for all to enjoy. You can spend hours getting lost in your next favorite book to researching a topic you have been dying to know all about. “We offer DVD’s to be checked out, it’s like a free Blockbuster,” Claiborne jokes.

4. Preserving memories

If you have a closet full of old caseate and VHS tapes that need to be converted, look no more. The Knox County Public Library offers lessons on how to keep those memories lasting forever. One location also offers free conversions for your old footage tapes.

5. Children Programs

Spend more quality time with your children at the Knox County Public Library’s playtime house. Children of all ages are able to find something to enjoy. “Many mom’s get together and meet their life-long girlfriends at the library,” Mary Pom says. “It makes my day to see all the kids running around in the library,” she adds.

6. Book Clubs

If it interests you, it interests someone else. There is a book club for every genre at the Knox County Public Library. “When we read a good book, we want to talk about,” says Clairborne.

7. Tutoring Help

If you or your child is falling behind in school, the Knox County Public Library offers in person and online resources to get the extra help you may need.

8. Test and School Prep

If you are needing test prep materials for upcoming exams, the Knox County Public Library offers a wide variety of study courses. Test prep’s include LSAT, SAT, ACT, and MCAT. If you are also looking to go back to school or finish your degree, you can study up for the GED exam as well.

9. Libraries Can Help you Find Anything

Go back in time and find anything you are looking for. Google doesn’t have all the answers, especially the correct ones. Scholarly work can be found throughout the library for any topic. Be a loud and proud ‘know-it-all’ by learning just about everything.

10. It’s Free

All of these amenities and benefits do not come at a price. The library is not only about not spending money, but it is about saving money. Find your creative and curious mind at the Knox County Public Library. All you need is a thirst for knowledge and a library card. Click here to find out how to get your hands on one today.