2018 Fair Food: Red Velvet Deep Fried Oreos

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The Best Around Concessions, Inc. took home three award winning foods in this year’s Fair Food Throwdown at the Tennessee Valley Fair. 

Putting a spin on all of the traditional fair food items, the company won the titles for Best Lemonade, with their Lemonade Shake-Up, Best International Dish with their Italian Sausage Hoagie and Best Unique Fair Food with their Red Velvet Deep Fried Oreos.

“It’s an old favorite of everybody’s. It’s the Oreo cookie, but dipped in red velvet batter, with the good cream cheese glaze, which makes it super nice,” said Mama Jane, Manager and Creator of New Fair Foods, for the The Best Around Concessions, Inc. 

Mama Jane said she’s the creative genius behind the unique fair foods her concession stand has to offer. 

“I’ll see a traditional cake that I like and think, ‘ohh, I will turn that into a great funnel cake,’” Mama Jane said. For her, the real trick is changing funnel cakes into foods they have never been before.

“The hard ones are when you change the funnel cakes into something they’re not supposed to be,” she said. “That’s where the real fun is.”

Mama Jane said she’s even sold pizza funnel cakes, but her personal favorite is what she likes to call the “tacoberryorey.” It’s half of a chocolate Oreo, paired with another half of a strawberry Oreo and then deep fried to perfection.

Mama Jane also admits that all of her creative ideas, don’t necessarily work well on funnel cakes. She once tried turning one of her favorite foods, cheesy corn, into a funnel cake. After a few tries, she said, “it just didn’t work well as a fair food funnel cake.”

For more than 30 years, Mama Jane has committed herself to a company that once began as a small mom and pop shop, owned by the McGrath Family. She said it’s truly been a pleasure to see the company, grow and evolve during her three decades of service. Mama Jane’s hard work and dedication to the company can be seen in the stars she proudly wears on her hat.

“Every star on my hat, represents five years of service. I’m working on my seventh star,” she smiled.

Mama Jane said The Best Around Concessions, Inc. has been featured on Carnival Eats Television at least 11 times, and she even mentioned how much she loves returning to the Tennessee Valley Fair, every single year.

“We love the Tennessee Valley Fair and the people that come to the fair are what makes it the best,” Mama Jane said. 

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