KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For every pet, there’s the perfect owner, and four cats are looking for their purrrfect match. These cats are no different than any others, even with their three legs.

“They are still loving,” Cindy Hughes, president of Wild About Cats of Cumberland County said. “They don’t know any different. Once they lose that limb, they don’t know that they’re different than anybody else because they adapt,” she said.

Meet Noel:

Noel had her leg amputated and has been dubbed a sweetie. She has already been spayed and everything else has been taken care of so she is ready to be adopted. Noel may be best as an only cat. She will play with other cats but tends to spend most time by someone’s side.

This is Bobby:

Bobby was shot in the shoulder, the person(s) responsible intended to shoot him in the heart but he moved. Despite the horrific incident, Bobby is so loving and is friendly with anyone he meets and loves being held.

Here is Abner:

Abner was attacked by a dog and lost blood flow in one of his back legs so they had to amputate it. He gets along with everybody, he’s everyone’s best friend once they get to know him.

Lastly, we have Teddy:

Teddy was hit by a car and then chased by a dog. He’s not dog friendly, but he’s very people-friendly and just looking to be loved.

To adopt or learn more about any of these cats, visit Wild About Cats of Cumberland County’s website or visit their Facebook page.