HIS Security: Smart Home Device Advice

6 Things to Know

Smart home devices are a popular holiday gift. Here’s some advice from HIS Security to make sure you are making the best choices for your home.


Lock down those gadgets. Change the password RIGHT AWAY. Put them safely on your network behind a firewall if possible. Use good passwords!


Be aware of devices that do not come from a reliable source or the actual manufacturer. You may be buying a used or tampered-with device and allowing the previous owner or a criminal to access you and your house.


Update firmware! Keep that device up to date with the latest firmware versions to stay safe. Also, be sure to update the router’s firmware.


When the power goes out, your device may not work at all. Even with batteries in the actual device, if it’s dependent on your WiFi, and unless you have your router on a battery back-up, your WiFi will go down in a power outage and stop your WiFi-dependent device from working.


A cheap lamp controller might seem harmless, but it can be a cyber door to your home and/or privacy. Therefore, see RULE 1


For about the same cost, you can forget the DIY stuff and hire a professional smart home solutions provider like HIS Security to advise, install, and maintain a secure network of reliable, innovative devices that can be added to, in the future, as new technology becomes available.

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