American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network organizes Day at the TN Capitol

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The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s Tennessee Day at the Capitol is Wednesday, February 20. People interested in cancer issues who want to make a difference in the cancer burden in Tennessee are invited to meet with lawmakers to talk about the following issues:

Asking lawmakers to ask Governor Lee to reinstate the $4 million annual funding for the Department of Health tobacco prevention and cessation program in his budget.

· Tobacco prevention and cessation is one of the smartest and most fiscally responsible investments that Tennessee can make. It not only helps current smokers quit, but also prevents our children from ever starting a lifetime of addiction to tobacco.

· 125,000 Tennessee kids under the age of 18 will ultimately lose their lives prematurely from smoking if you don’t increase funding for the tobacco prevention and cessation program at the Tennessee Department of Health.

Support a Local Option for local authorities to pass tobacco-free ordinances reduce the death and disease caused by exposure to second-hand smoke.

· Preemptive state laws have a devastating effect on tobacco control efforts and on the public health of the states’ residents.

· Local governments have the right and responsibility to respond to the needs and concerns of their communities.  However, when it comes to limiting exposure to secondhand smoke, local communities are specifically preempted from taking action.

Ensure that cancer patients, survivors, and those at risk for cancer have access to comprehensive, quality health insurance coverage when given an opportunity.

· An estimated 363,000 Tennesseans would become eligible for health insurance coverage if the state accepted federal funds to expand Medicaid.

· Access to health insurance coverage has a direct bearing on our ability to reduce the cancer burden.

Registration for ACS CAN Day at the Capitol is free. REGISTER HERE:

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