KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Their on-screen relationship is dynamic, but what does it look like when the cameras are turned off?

Co-hosts of Living East Tennessee, Tala Shatara and Eric Brazeal, met with a local career consultant to evaluate their working relationship.

Frank Rosamond, owner of Sandler Training through Mondbiz, offers various ways for corporations and their employees to build a stronger environment. One of which is the DISC Test.

DISC breaks down 4 quadrants that all represent different personalities and working styles. Their qualities are as followed:

D – firm, direct, results oriented, driven

I – High energy, outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic

S – patient, accommodating, well-listener, reflective

C – analytical, precise, factual, cautious

Tala was found to be an ICS while Eric is a CS. Because of these findings Tala and Eric seem to display many differences within their personalities. But because they both possess a C, they get the job done and correctly.

Rosamond helps various departments within his business including, sales, customer service, business owners, call centers, and more

For more information on the Sandler Training method, visit their website or give them a call at 865-357-2736.