KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – This Memorial Day weekend Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard will hold their annual memorial say celebration with free food, drinks, and great specials to get you ready for summer. Stay safe with crucial information from Rural Metro.

But an important element of having fun in the sun is safety as an accident will put a damper on any good time. Rural Metro sat down with us to explain how we can be safe on water crafts this summer, particularly by keeping a close eyes on children and making sure everyone has properly fitting life preservers such as the ones that can be found at Aurora Pools, Spas, and Billiard.

Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard Gallery they have a little of something for everyone. From relaxing jacuzzis in all shapes and sizes, to recreational lake toys that can make any day on the lake a splashing success. If you are getting ready for some summer fun there is no better outfitter than Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard.

When it comes to safety on your many adventures in East Tennessee this summer, Rural Metro emphasizes the importance of basic CPR understanding especially the CPR AED method. This approach to CPR does not require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and can be performed by almost anyone to help someone in dire circumstances. The biggest take away, call 911 immediately as the intervention of first responders drastically raises the chances of resuscitating the individual.

For more information on the Memorial Day sale visit the Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard website. For more information about all the good that Rural Metro does for the East Tennessee community visit their website here. By becoming a member of Rural Metro to help them in their fight to save countless lives.