KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One company is reaching a lot of people around East Tennessee in a big way using drones. Aerial Graphx launches big drones into the sky to help businesses with their advertising needs.

Founder and CEO, Scott Whittaker, came up with this idea to help promote small businesses and local events. He says it’s a great way to draw attention from people outside, whether that be at outdoor venues or passing by.

An FAA-licensed Commercial Pilot launches the Aerial Graphx drones into the sky!

Whittaker adds that it brings a new form of excitement to display a message to potential customers and puts the wow factor effect to it. He says, “It’s a circus in the sky showcasing customers’ brands, messages, and sales, along with promoting events.”

Aerial Graphx is great for graduation celebrations, grand openings, proposals, and birthday celebrations.

To learn more about Aerial Graphx and to book your advertisements, you can visit their website.