KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Between the pandemic and The Great Resignation, people have been making moves and changing how they do business. In fact, there was a huge increase in entrepreneurship in 2021, with 5.4 million new businesses registered in the U.S. alone. These new entrepreneurs are bringing in reinforcements to help them get started or expand their businesses.

Dynamic talent cloud solution Fiverr has analyzed the fastest-growing search terms based on millions of searches across its platform and will release its Spring 2022 Small Business Needs Index on April 6. Two clear trends have emerged: Web3 is on the rise, even for small businesses, and services to expand business reach are booming. Searches about crypto and NFT art have also seen a dramatic rise.

Entrepreneur and business consultant Trae Bodge joined Living East Tennessee to discuss what’s trending with small businesses currently, which search terms on Fiverr have seen the largest increase in the past six months, plus what opportunities may be available for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike based on what businesses currently need.

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Trae is an accomplished lifestyle journalist and TV commentator who has specialized in smart shopping, personal finance, and retail for more than a decade.Trae is also co-founder of the media coaching firm, One Take, and the cult cosmetic brand, Three Custom Color Specialists.