KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – As couples look to tie the knot this year, they are also looking to add a unique touch to their big day. More often that means re-imagining a traditional wedding ceremony.

Wedding traditions such as the veil toss, the father-daughter dance, and even toasts at the reception are being overshadowed by more personalized celebrations during a ceremony.

Southeast wedding planner, Khloe Jackson, helps orchestrate these individual touches for when couples say “I do.”

“Wedding planning is supposed to be an exciting and fun chapter in your life,” she says. “Often times the anxiety of the unknown cause brides to stress while planning their big day. Our knowledgeable planners are passionate about helping curate a wedding day our couples can look fondly on for the rest of their lives.”

Brides are sharing on TikTok some of the fun and innovative wedding details that push the ‘societal norms.’ Here are some of the new traditions men and women are implementing on their special day:

  1. Private dining for bride and groom

Wedding planners are insisting their couples share their first meal together. Not only is it romantic, but it is necessary. Many brides and grooms can even recount what they had for dinner the night of their wedding due to not having enough time to eat and digest properly. With the prevalent interruptions, pictures, and gift giving, couples rarely get a bite in. It can be dangerous for a bride and groom to party the night away on an empty stomach and dehydrated. After your done with your wedding photos, be sure to have a secluded and private dining experience to ensure your energy levels are ready to go.

2. First looks

Brides and grooms get to share a first look with their respective parties, but what about with each other? This is another unique way to spend more time together on the big day. Not being able to see the bride before the wedding is a thing of the past for many couples. This first look allows you to see each other before anyone else and gives your photographer to work with some raw, real emotion. “90 percent of all clients opt for a first look, they are amazing,” says Jackson.

3. Groom’s cake

This is an old tradition that is finding its way back into modern ceremonies. Who says the grooms cannot have something of their own too? A groom’s cake is a fun way to offer a variety of desserts while also showing off the groom’s personality. Many cakes for the groom are designed to emulate their favorite drink, sports team, or even video game. It is simply adding some ‘masculine details’ to the wedding. He will for sure love it.

4. Reception after parties

For the midnight owls, this one is for them. If your guests are not ready to head home when the night is over, then keep the party going. Of course, wedding venues do eventually close, so hit the town with the ones who are wanting to continue the celebrations. If you are in a big city, hit the nightlife and party with your fellow neighbors. Wedding planners do advise the wedding party and guests bring a change of clothes for a more comfortable night out. Make your wedding day last forever with this addition.

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