KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – You can explore and get an in-depth look at a number of Knoxville’s breweries all by hopping aboard a bus.

Started in 2014, Knox Brew Tours are your backstage pass to local beer. On this guided craft beer experience, you will go to four local breweries and learn about their history. You also get a hands-on look at the process of a beer going from grain to glass. And, of course, you will get to sample multiple styles of beer over the course of the 3-hour tour.

Owner/operator Zack Roskop said that these tours allow you to explore Knoxville in a new way. He hopes that tourgoers not feel more of a connection to the city and these breweries, but also connect with the other people on the tour.

“My favorite thing in the entire world that happens on a brew tour is when we get a public tour. It’s a bus full of strangers and by the end of the tour, they’re all best friends, they file off the bus and they get one final beer together at [Knox Brew Hub]. They’re all different walks of life, ages, genders, and races. It’s so cool to see that experience, and have it be such a strong bond and connection amongst those people,” said Roskop.

Snacks and water are provided during Knox Brew Tours. Patrons are asked not to “pre-game” before their tour. They also offer walking and private brew tours. To learn more about this experience and/or book a tour, you can head to the Knox Brew Tours website for more information.