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Making sure your children are safe on the road is a priority for parents. Alexis Keiser-Yawn, Injury Prevention Coordinator for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital joined us to walk through the recommendations from The American Academy of Pediatrics.

AAP Recommendations: 

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. and the anatomy of young children make them more susceptible to injury in a car crash. The AAP has determined keeping a child rear-facing until he or she reaches the highest weight or height allowed by the car seat manufacturer is the safest way to travel. This will be all kids 2 and under, and some up to the age of 4.

o   Buy the right car seat (

o   Install your car seat correctly (this will vary based on car manufacturer, but make sure you use either the seat belt or lower anchors to secure your car seat & use the tether. Take advantage of car seat safety checkpoints offered by Children’s Hospital, as well as local emergency services providers.)

o   Buckle your child in every time, using the harness and straps properly 

o   When a child exceeds the height & weight limits of a forward facing car seat, usually 60 pounds or more, move them to belt-positioning booster seat until they can use a seat belt that fits properly.

o   Keep all children younger than 13 years of age in the back seat of your vehicle for the safest ride.

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