KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Hola Festival runs Saturday October 8th to Sunday October 9th and brings you a world without borders, a celebration of Hispanic & Latinx culture presented by Hola Hora Latina.

From October 8th through October 9th, World’s Fair Park will transform in celebration of the Hola Festival a historic local festival with deep roots in the Hispanic and Latinx communities here in East Tennessee. A celebration of diversity, the Hola Fest strips the borders away and welcomes all to participate in the culture and traditions that make our community so vibrant.

The Hola Festival started 40 years ago as a small gathering for the organization Hola Hora Latina but has blossomed over the years to have grown too large for even Market Square to contain. This year the event will be at World’s Fair Park which has allowed for many activities the organizers have always dreamed of to come true, such as a fireworks show on Saturday night.

For more information visit the Hola Hora Latina website.