KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – July 17th starts National Zookeeper Week, a celebration of those that work tirelessly to make your trip to Zoo Knoxville one you will remember for a lifetime.

When you visit Zoo Knoxville it is hard not to notice how meticulously maintained and managed the zoo is, from the enclosures to the attractions everything is well cared for. To maintain such a wonderful place takes team of dedicated individuals that we all know as Zookeepers. The week of July 17th kicks of “National Zookeepers Week” a weeklong celebration for those that make our zoo experiences magical. At Zoo Knoxville all of their team members are zookeepers so the next time you find yourself paying a visit, stop and thank these great people who care for the animals that we all love to visit.

For more information visit the Zoo Knoxville website.