KNOXVILLE, TN. (WATE) – Say cheese.

Central High School offers a wide variety of programs that fit all types of interests. One that young high school kids know very well, is taking pictures.

The photography program at CHS allows students to capture memories such as events, nature, and even their very own. Two students in the program have become Chief Yearbook Editors, while one is planning on becoming a portrait freelance photographer throughout college.

The man behind it all, Mr. John Valentine, is a photography instructor like no other. With his own extensive passion and expertise, he is able to bring top level education to aspiring photographers. Valentine is not only known for his skills behind the camera, but in front of it too. His TikTok account has become a national hit with many videos generating thousands of likes.

This one in particular has amassed over 1.5 million views.

CHS students are excited to take their photography skills out in the real world. Mr. Valentine and his students also offer free portraits to seniors for graduation.

Take a look at their skills below.