KNOXVILLE, TN. (WATE) – We are taking you inside a school that allows students to dive into his or her passions’ right when they enter high school.

Central High School offers a wide variety of programs, trades, and electives that are ultimately chosen right when students start their Freshman year The Freshman Academy was created by students for students so that they may find their interests at a faster rate.

From photography, fine arts, choir, and even military, students are able to learn, train, and study their passions up close. One of the most popular programs at CHS is the healthcare elective.

The Freshman Academy allows underclassmen to be provided with special career counseling with teachers, one-on-one training, and hands-on experiences.

Student ambassadors represent CHS not just in the classroom, but also out in the Knoxville community.

For more information and a list of programs CHS offers, visit their website.