KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Act fast and ensure your pets’ safety and your peace of mind are taken care of today.

Microchipping your animals can cause you a stress-free situation if something were to ever occur. Not all animals are equipped to find their way back home, and there is a simple and cost-effective solution to keep them from getting lost.

“Microchipping your pet helps prevent a loss before it happens and is a quick and easy procedure,” says Young Williams Animal Center Director of Pets for Life, Amy Buttry.

There are two ways to get this low-cost service from Young-Williams Animal Center. For 15 dollars, you can take your pet to their main location located off Division Street or stop by their mobile Spay Shuttle. The fee includes a microchip registration through Found Animals. Appointments must be made in advance.

The procedure is quick and pain-free. “It is comparable to a vaccine that would be inserted in between your animal’s shoulder blades,” says Buttry.

Most veterinarians and animal shelters can scan the microchip, allowing them to contact the owner. All of your information will be coded through an identification number.

•All dogs and cats from Young-Williams Animal Center are microchipped prior to adoption.

For more information and to make an appointment, visit the Young Williams Animal Center’s website or give them a call at (865) 215-6599.