KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Brenna Stull and her pastor husband have seven children (five by birth, two by adoption) and have more than 26 years of parenting experience. After having her fourth son, Brenna was overwhelmed and frustrated that she could barely keep her head above water with all the mothering and home management demands. She found new strategies for getting organized and it brought peace to her home and heart, allowing her to get back to the fun mom she knew she was.

Stull has helped thousands of moms through her speaking and coaching workshops, and most recently through her membership program, Coach Mom Tribe. She wrote an international best-selling book, Coach Mom: 7 Strategies for Organizing Your Family into an All-Star Team, a playbook to help moms create space for fun, family, and faith.  

This week in #MomLife, Stull is teaching us things we should regularly say to our children to raise all-star kids.