KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – With great power comes great responsibility.

Costumers With a Cause is a non-profit organization filled with volunteers who dress up as your favorite character’s towards a greater cause.

Their mission is to come together with children’s charitable organizations, foundations, and fundraising events to make a difference and be a positive outlet for those in need. Costumers With A Cause appearances range from hospital visits, marching in parades, and attending charity events, especially geared towards children.

CJ Ferguson, the East Tennessee chapter leader, says they will be happy to take part in anything “with a cause.”

Costumers With a Cause is a nationally recognized organization with 5 other states holding their own chapter. The East Tennessee chapter is always looking for volunteers to dress up as a child’s favorite character, superhero, and even villain.

For more information on Costumers With a Cause and how to include them in your next event, visit their website and Facebook page.