KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Don’t get stuck in an emergent or catastrophic situation this holiday season.

It is Turkey time in East Tennessee and no matter how you like to eat it, it is important to ensure yours and other’s safety while preparing it. A unique and fun way to cook your turkey is with the use of a deep fryer. With proper resources and a safety plan, this can be a delicious and fast way to enjoy this staple Thanksgiving meal.

However, when done wrong it can be extremely dangerous. Deep fryers can cause a high risk of spilling hot oil; which can lead to burns, fires, and other injuries. Because of this, ensure you are outside and at least 10 feet away from your home. Do not attempt to cook a turkey in the garage or around items that can catch fire.

When it is time to place the turkey in the fryer, ensure the oil is at no more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to only place a thawed turkey in the fryer. Lowering a frozen turkey in a deep fryer can result in large flames that go up to 10 feet high.

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Watch below to see what can happen if you end up making one of these mistakes.

Video by Tala Shatara at Rural Metro Fire Station 32.

“It is important to stay safe especially in a time where one can get easily distracted,” says Jeff Bagwell with Rural Metro Fire Department.

For more information on fire safety, visit the Rural Metro Fire Department’s website.