KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk brings hundreds of artists to the downtown area of Knoxville every year. With 13 categories for every grade level and single/collaborative categories, there’s a lot of art to see. As the winners have been crowned, the artists that won the two biggest awards, share the love of color and allow those viewing their art to truly engage with it.

Cole Davis is a senior at L&N Stem Academy in Knoxville, and he won the Best in Show and also won the T-Shirt Award, which will allow his chalk square to be featured on their 2024 Chalk Walk shirt.

“It’s very rare that a high schooler wins the biggest award at the event, and his piece was awesome,” Shannon Herron, the marketing and creative director for Dogwood Arts, said excitingly.

Davis said he enjoyed participating and getting to work on something that people could watch in real-time.

“I think it’s just a different way for people to experience art,” he said.

Anyone in attendance at the Chalk Walk was able to take in a lot of creativity and enjoy an interactive experience with the artist. For Leonardo Romero and his family, they took the interaction to a new level by creating a bridge crossing over the universe, and that creation lead him and his family to win the ‘Best in Sidewalk of Fame’ award.

“I liked the idea to put a bridge because all of us have had to cross a lot of bridges every day in our lives no matter what, even though we may be very afraid to cross that bridge we have to cross it,” Romero said.

After moving from Mexico to Knoxville, Romero and his family participated in the Chalk Walk for the first time last year. They were looking for outlets to get involved in the art community in Knoxville. Dogwood Arts have since exhibited their work in their gallery and invited them to participate in the Side Walk of Fame at this year’s Chalk Walk. 

“The entire family is artistic they’ve been beautifying Knoxville ever since they moved here,” Herron said.

Both Davis and Romero showcase just a piece of the artist that can be found in Knoxville. For more on Dogwood Arts and what they provide to the community, visit their website.