RUTLEDGE, Tenn (WATE) – We are working 9 to 5 just looking through this Dolly Parton super fan’s massive collection.

Rodney Collins has a love for the queen of country and has an impressive room to show for it.

His “Dream More” room has a collection of over five hundred items ranging from Dolly’s past, present, and even future endeavors. Many of his items come from Collins’ family, friends, and even clients.

He started his collection about twenty-two years ago with his first item being a pencil drawing of Dolly. Since then, his room has been filled with some items that are not only very popular but rare.

Items include his Dolly-inspired pinball machine, a Backwoods Barbie rocking chair from Cracker Barrell, and even a Girl’s Scout Coat of Many Color’s patch.

Collins has traveled near and far to get these fun items, and even admits to bringing his family along for the ride on these adventures. “Some days, it is early mornings in the pouring rain just so I can be first in line,” he says.

Rodney’s passion and love for Dolly hits close to home. He sees a lot of Dolly in his late mother and ensures he upholds her memory with his room everyday. “Just like Dolly, my mother was a jewel. She always taught me to dream big and keep moving,” he says. “Much of my jewelry is my mother’s, and I keep it in my room. A lot of these pieces came from antique shops. Dolly always said, it doesn’t take a million bucks to feel a million bucks.

Rodney mentions that any aspiring visitors wanting to see his Dolly room are always welcome.