KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – It turns out that the ‘Haunted Mansion’ may not only refer to a popular Disneyland ride. Rumors has it that one of Knoxville’s most historic landmarks has dealt with a fair share of paranormal activity.

The Greystone Mansion, which is the home of WATE 6 On Your Side, was built by coal tycoon Eldad Cicero Camp following the Civil War. Many believe that Major Camp’s ghost, along the souls of others connected to him, still reside at Greystone. A number of WATE 6 employees have experienced supernatural happenings, including ghost sightings, hair-pulling, and being pushed down the stairs.

Because of these occurrences, the North American Paranormal Research Team (NAPRT) spent a night investigating the Greystone Mansion. The group, which is based out of East Tennessee, aims to explain activity that is paranormal through a scientific approach. During their investigation, the NAPRT was able to connect with a number of spirits, including one who is presumed to be Minerva Mallory Hinman, Major Camp’s mother.

To learn more about this group, you can head to the NAPRT website or Facebook page for more information.