KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Living East Tennessee’s Veronica Ogbe took some time to introduce the former firearms instructor of Knoxville’s FBI division back in April. Scott Johnson has since retired from the FBI and began his own business, known as Blue Lion Tactical Solutions.

“I saw a need in private security and training that was not being conducted,” Johnson said.

Now, we’re diving into more about his security business. Johnson states that it’s broken down into three tiers. The first is the armed or unarmed security officers they can offer to the community for events or any other large gatherings. The second is the firearm and tactical training.

“It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, whether it’s someone who’s never fired a gun before or a law enforcement SWAT team, we’ve got training programs for everyone,” Johnson said.

Those helping Johnson to conduct the training also have a background in the FBI.

“My trainers are all former hostage rescue team, and when you talk about guys that have trained to that level, you’re talking two or three percent of 13,000 agents that get to that level,” he said. “A couple of those guys retired down here with me to East Tennessee and now their apart of the training cadre.”

Lastly, the third tier allows Johnson and his team to provide personal assessments to help make businesses, churches or any other large entity a harder target. Together all three tiers align with what Johnson is passionate about, and that’s the safety of others. 

People like Bryan Goldberg, the president of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance are taking notes from Johnson and putting it into action by utilizing Blue Lion Tactical’s security during their major events and improving their own security within the center. 

“Unfortunately here at the Knoxville Jewish Alliance, we’re dealing with anti-semitism here locally, in the state and nationwide,” Goldberg said. “So it’s (Johnson’s services) absolutely something that we need. It’s an unfortunate need,” he said. “Having somebody that looks at it from a different perspective with the tactical experience of what Scott and his staff bring, is a whole new level of proactive security assessment measures.”

This is the type of security Johnson wants to provide to anyone who needs it and help East Tennesseans be prepared for a worst-case scenario, in hopes that the skills and knowledge he gives, will never have to be put into action.