KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Good Feet Store, an orthotics and prosthetics service in Knoxville, provides options and relief for foot, hip, back, and knee pain. They offer personally-fitted arch supports, which are designed to help relieve pain caused by common foot problems.

The well-trained Good Feet Arch Support Specialists at the Good Feet Store provide free fittings. They have over 400 different arch support sizes and varieties to ensure a precision fit to your four arches, lifestyle, profession, and footwear.

At the Good Feet Store, you can “try before your buy,” with a free, no-obligation test walk around the store.

The team at the Good Feet Store says, “By aligning your feet, Good Feet Arch Supports provide stability and balance, distribute pressure evenly across the foot, and realign your body. Many people who visit us at The Good Feet Store are surprised to learn that better support for their feet can alleviate – or even eliminate – discomfort or pain in their knees, hip, or back.”

The Good Feet Store adds that arch support inserts can benefit the body by distributing pressure evenly across your foot, providing stability and balance, aligning the body, and reducing or preventing pain.

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