KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Meow; it’s Christmas time.

TV star and actress, Kate Walsh, is sharing her favorite products for your four legged feline this holiday season.

Best known for her roles on Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, 13 Reasons Why, and Emily in Paris, Kate is an accomplished and busy woman. With all of her successes, one of Kate’s proudest accolades is being a great cat mom.

Kate has teamed up with Purina to share the best products cat’s and their owners will love.

One of her favorite products is Purina’s light weight Tidy Cats litter. With a lighter carrying weight, odor blocking technology, and reduced dust, this will make you and your cat ‘purr.’

Kate is also sharing top ways to keep your house holiday proof. The most staple part of any household this holiday season is the Christmas tree. Kate advises to keep ornaments away from the bottom of the tree. An old wives tail is to put orange peels all around the base of the tree due to cats not liking citrus smells. Click here to find more about the best products for your cats to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Kate is excited to be sharing she is continuing on with her role as Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy. “They have a great storyline for me, and I cannot wait for everyone to see it,” she says.


Aside from her famous role on the ABC hit show, Walsh is also ready to share with the world the season 3 premiere of Emily in Paris on Wednesday, December 21 on Netflix.