KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Don’t be afraid of slowing down this month, we talk to the experts on how to stay on track during the hectic season.

From buying and wrapping presents, holiday parties, cooking in the kitchen, six geese a laying, and so much more, you might not have the time or energy to hit the gym.

Personal trainer and registered dietician, Krystal Goodman, is telling us how we can utilize our everyday resources to still stay in shape.

It shouldn’t be hard with all the holiday activities, but keep moving. Speed walk through the mall during holiday shopping because you are still burning calories. Consequently, with all the fast-paced energy, it shouldn’t be hard to catch some sleep. Keep your sleep still at a minimum of 8 hours to achieve full productivity. Without getting enough rest, your metabolism starts to slow down and lessen good health.

Another tip is to plan ahead before the holidays become to hard to manage. Put yourself on a routine and stick to it. This can also allow you to become more accountable entering into the new year.

Although this trick might be hard to start, you will thank yourself in the end. Consider bringing healthier snack options to holiday parties.

For more information and a full holiday fit guide, visit Krystal’s website and Instagram page.