We are noticing a trend on instagram for post holiday decorating. Lots of people are  now using some of their Christmas Evergreen decor to give that cozy feel to their homes. . 

*Blend some of Your Christmas Fillers or twigs the greenery to some of your everyday greenery. This will add a touch of warmth to your home. It makes every room fit the season and feel more homey.

*Another easy rule of thumb is to add some silver or gold to your rooms, they reflect the light and make it brighter. It gives us a little of that sparkle we love at Christmas!  
* Use white accessories/plates/vases they too will also brighten a room. 
* If you love color, then try adding pops of color and textures with great fabrics , throw pillows or throws on your chairs and couch. 

* Lastly don’t forget adding fruit to bowls on your coffee table or around your kitchen. Lemons, organgs and apples can help add a touch of  cheer to all your rooms! Happy Decorating! .