KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Many people are amping up their outdoor exercises this summer, but there are ways to work out while staying safe and healthy without overheating.

Bearden Workout Anytime, a fitness center in Knoxville, suggests a few practical steps on how people can prepare for any outdoor exercise. Overheating can lead to heat exhaustion, which may include symptoms like heavy sweating, weakness, muscle cramps, and dizziness.

To combat the heat, Bearden Workout Anytime suggests a few practical tips, which include:

  • Protect your skin: Apply SPF before stepping out into the sun.
  • Try not to eat a large meal before heading out: prepare the best pre and post-workout snacks, especially in the heat
  • Pick the proper clothing: pick a material that is breathable for your body to ensure airflow and reduce the risk of overheating

To learn more about Bearden Workout Anytime and the classes they offer, check out their website.